Call Cabinet

  • Compliant – All calls are stored in a 256-bit encrypted format, with the file preserved in its original state with rotating encryption methodology that is unique to each individual call making all recordings 100% compliant with regulations and legislation.
  • Seamless – Whether there is 1 location with 5 extensions or a nationwide infrastructure with multiple branches and millions of calls, our compliant call recording solution can do the job.
  • Secure – All calls are stored in our cloud servers and are not only backed up, but have a redundant option across multiple servers and geographical locations.


Atmos is a powerful call recording and QA service for every type of customer. It’s a single platform that can be expanded with licenses and features to suit specific organizational needs. Atmos has no upfront costs and can be deployed in hours.

  • Atmos is built using true cloud-native technology that enables carrier grade scalability, performance & efficiency.
  • Atmos technology and subscription business model are highly disruptive to the entrenched, legacy call recording industry.
  • Atmos has the global presence to meet compliance and data sovereignty requirements across the globe.
  • Our solutions are specifically designed for interoperability regardless of carrier, telephone system or platform.
  • Developed and led by industry leaders with over 100 collective years expertise in compliance and recording technology.


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