Gigaset DA611 Phone

Comfort telephone with handsfree function, call display (CLIP) and phone book.
  • Handsfree talking
  • Telephone book for 100 contacts with own melody for assigned VIP contacts
  • Programmable shortcut keys for 10 contacts (0 – 9)
  • Call display with telephone number or name (CLIP)
  • Caller list for the last 50 calls


Making calls with the Gigaset DA611 is easy and convenient. The three-line display shows the caller’s name, number and VIP status, if assigned. It tells you the calendar week, date, time and duration of the call. The hands-free function offers more flexibility and unrestricted movement when making a call.  The Gigaset DA611 has ten melodies and four volume levels for the ringer.

Convenient features for managing your contacts

Select your contacts at the touch of a button with the phone book, which can store up to 100 entries and ten additional speed dial buttons. The ringer can also be switched off completely and incoming calls can be indicated purely visually via the flashing hands-free button. This allows you to set up the system in the way that suits you best. Another useful feature is VIP signalling, which allows a melody to be set as the VIP melody. If a contact in the phone book is assigned VIP status, an incoming call from this number will be indicated by the VIP melody. If desired, the Gigaset DA611 can also be set so that the phone only rings for VIP contacts and remains silent for all other callers.

Convenient operation at the touch of a button

The redial function allows you to quickly redial any of the last five numbers that you called. A call list stores the last 50 incoming calls, giving you an overview of your most recent conversations. You can save these numbers in the phone book or call them back. An electronic keypad lock prevents these numbers from being dialled by unauthorised persons. The direct call function lets you call particularly important phone numbers by pressing any button. The emergency numbers 110 and 112 are already stored in the phone and can be supplemented by a third number of your choice, which you can also dial when the keypad is locked.

Simple but flexible

The Gigaset DA611 can be connected directly to the main connection or used as an extension of a telephone system. The Gigaset DA611 is compatible with hearing aids according to ITU-T P.370 (which replaces CCITT P37). The microphone and/or handset can be switched off during a call and hold music can be played.


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