NEC VoIP Phones

  • Multicolour MWI lamp
  • Directories
  • HD Audio quality
  • Security
  • Intuitive and interactive navigation
  • Built-in POE
  • Flexibility





Discover which phones best meet your needs. Choose options and compare features of these professional, intuitive, and cost-effective desk phones. Unlock the full potential of your UC Platform and reduce cost of ownership and deployment. You are looking for professional, intuitive and cost-effective business phones. With NEC phones your teams can deliver quality interactions, impeccable service and fast response.

  • 7-Colour customisable message-waiting indicator
  • Quickly look up contacts in the directory by using the alphabetic keyboard.
  • Both speakerphone and handset offer super wideband technology for superior HD audio quality.
  • TLS and SRTP security encryption technology to protect calls and accounts.
  • All models offer intuitive and interactive navigation of the NEC communication features. Interactive keys or touch: The choice is yours.
  • To power the device and give it a network connection.
  • Add functions and direct-dial buttons. 8 additional line keys 60 additional line keys turning your phone into a switchboard.


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