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Edevsystems is a telecom software development company, specializing in manufacturing PABX buffer boxes for SME clients around the world. The company’s cutting-edge products allow enterprises to capture and store live call records to manage their daily telecommunications and create accurate budgets for client/agent calls.

Edevsystems focuses on creating flexible, scalable and affordable solutions to help SMB clients boost their productivity and efficiency in daily operations. Their products consist of PABX buffer boxes that enable seamless data capturing and retrieval via serial, USB or ethernet, as well as Music On Hold Players for keeping your clients connected on business calls

Huge Distribution hosts a wide range of Edevsystem Smart Storage Devices and M30-MP3 Players for all your on-hold calls, call recording and storage needs.

PABX buffer boxes

The perfect companion to your Telephone Management System

Boasting the latest cutting-edge technologies in data collection, storage, and internal battery life, the SSD range of buffer boxes by Edevsystems offers excellent storage capacity, long-lasting battery backup, and PABX isolation capabilities for effective call monitoring and budgeting.

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