A revolution in the telephone management sphere

MAN3000 delivers complete on-site and hosted Telephone Management Systems for SME clients, allowing them to capture live call records and use analytics to create meaningful reports of call durations and costs.

MAN3000’s TMS solutions are built on both wireless, software-only technologies, as well as product innovations in modular dongles and buffer boxes. MAN3000’s focus is on revolutionizing the daily processes of SMEs by allowing them to monitor, analyze and control the amount of time and money being spent by employees and clients on the phone every day.

  • Over 30 years of quality service to 29 countries worldwide.
  • Proven expertise in efficient TMS technologies.
  • Powerful IP telephony and industry-leading UC&C software solutions that maximize productivity and collaboration in the workplace.

Desktop software solutions

For easy monitoring and analysis of call records

MAN3000’s software-only desktop solution allows you to directly retrieve calls through IP connections and authenticate with MAN3000 servers to create precise call log reports and budgets.


Improve productivity in daily telecommunications

Retrieve calls through your PABX IP connection or file transfers without the need for internet access for authentication. 

Buffer boxes

Build a foolproof TMS

MAN3000’s buffer boxes leverage the latest technologies in connection, storage and power to collect and store up to 8000 call records, with a robust internal battery backup in case of power failure.

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