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Established in 2009, Wireless-Tek Technology Limited (Wi-Tek) specializes in the research and development of commercial network communication solutions and equipment. Wi-Tek’s product line primarily comprises of Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches, Wireless Access Points, Fiber and CPE, geared towards businesses that require the installation of PoE devices like IP camera surveillance, IP phones and access points.

Huge Distribution provides Wi-Tek switches to help businesses with fast, secure and cost-effective ways to add ethernet ports to a wireless network. Wi-Tek switches allow clients to harness the full potential of IP-based surveillance systems and networking solutions, effectively accelerating their business.

  • 12+ years of delivering. revolutionary commercial network products and solutions.
  • Innovative R&D team of over 80+ people furthering operations in 50+ countries.
  • Fast, safe and easy deployment of Wi-Tek PoE switches.
  • Significant reduction in the costs of fiber installation, deployment time and system maintenance.

VoIP exclusive PoE unmanaged switch series

Seamless IP telephony installations

Designed primarily for VoIP installations, Wi-Tek’s VoIP PoE unmanaged switches can also be configured for IP-CCTV and Wi-Fi projects.

CCTV PoE unmanaged switch series

Enhance your security systems

Wi-Tek’s PoE unmanaged switches enable you to leverage the full potential of IP-CCTV video surveillance, with easy plug-and-play installations.

Gigabit unmanaged PoE switch series

For high-speed office networks

Wi-Tek’s gigabit PoE technology allows for excellent flexibility of installation in high-speed networks of IP telephony, Wi-Fi access points, IP-CCTV cameras and more; all without tying you to electrical networks.

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